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Well, friends, the time has come for me to look for a job.

Don't worry! Howling Moose Gardens is still a thing.

I'm looking for a temporary/flex/remote job to sustain the home fires (e.g. Jones) while HMG is on winter hiatus.

I'm hoping for a writing job, but something technical (technical writing?), something at a food coop, or even flipping cappuccinos would fill the bill.

I'm on a few job boards, and hitting the pavement. If anyone has a lead, let me know!

Trees down by my house. Both of those boulevard trees are as mature as the rest in the pic. Both had their roots cut and sidwewalk redone by the city recently.

Same size tree, just down the block. See how the sidewalk was redone? The tree going down SHOULD have destroyed the entire sidewalk, but they cut the roots. Only trees whose roots were cut fell, at least on my block.

Windstorm Cleanup.

Entire album here.

Thank GOD there was no damage to my house, but this is my neighbor's garage:

All is well

Just wanted to let everyone know, even though my part of town got hit pretty hard by the storm last night, Jones and I are perfectly fine. My house is undamaged. My trees, on the other hand... =) I doubt I'll have power in the next few days, but I should be finding coffee shops etc. to inhabit to keep my electronic life going.

My cell phone is powered, if anyone needs to call.
Three Howling Moose aquaponics workdays set: Tomorrow (Tues) morning, July 2nd and July 5th. See for details.

Or let me know when you'd like to come out for a tour, no need to work!


Come help build my aquaponics system

I'm having "farm work days" out at my aquaponics greenhouse. Building the infrastructure is taking a lot longer than I planned (bad planning...) If you're interested, there are jobs for all skill levels, from painting to power tools. See or the Howling Moose Gardens blog for more info.

A taste of what would be in store...

From Howling_Moose

From Howling_Moose

From Howling_Moose

Or, just come out for a tour!


DSL outage. Not sure when I'll have connectivity back. They say 24-48 hours...

NBC = Blowj0bs R us? New show - Free Agents

Yes, I have been living under a rock for the last few months, as I try to get my new business up and running. But NBC, WTF are you thinking? Here's the advertising image for their new fall show, "Free Agents."

I assume it's a comedy. All I can see is "Hank Azaria gets a blowjob." Thanks, NBC, for reminding us that sexual harassment is the only thing women are good for in the workplace.

Simply walk into Mordor

Io9 has an article up about Fan Art for Crossover Stories We Wish We Could See.

My fave, which is #10 in the gallery:

(Simply walk into Mordor by ferret42)

(via @dhewlett on twitter)


Aquaponics blogging has moved

So, now that Howling Moose Gardens is a real thing, and I'm actively spending my days doing it, I've started a business blog for it, over at

I've recently posted a video, an invitation to work days, and some random blathering.

Please also note, Howling Moose gardens is also on Twitter, Facebook (although that's mostly a feed of the twitter stream), and the most active spot for HMG goodness is on the Backyard Aquaponics forum thread.


styrofoam peanuts

I am in need of styrofoam peanuts for Howling Moose. Specifically, the evil, non-environmentally friendly ones that don't dissolve in water. So, if you have a stash you want to get rid of, or are expecting a shipment containing them, please save them for me! Timeframe is within the next month-ish.

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