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Three Howling Moose aquaponics workdays set: Tomorrow (Tues) morning, July 2nd and July 5th. See http://howlingmoose.com/page6/page6.html for details.

Or let me know when you'd like to come out for a tour, no need to work!


Come help build my aquaponics system

I'm having "farm work days" out at my aquaponics greenhouse. Building the infrastructure is taking a lot longer than I planned (bad planning...) If you're interested, there are jobs for all skill levels, from painting to power tools. See http://howlingmoose.com/page6/page6.html or the Howling Moose Gardens blog for more info.

A taste of what would be in store...

From Howling_Moose

From Howling_Moose

From Howling_Moose

Or, just come out for a tour!

Aquaponics blogging has moved

So, now that Howling Moose Gardens is a real thing, and I'm actively spending my days doing it, I've started a business blog for it, over at http://howlingmoosegardens.blogspot.com

I've recently posted a video, an invitation to work days, and some random blathering.

Please also note, Howling Moose gardens is also on Twitter, Facebook (although that's mostly a feed of the twitter stream), and the most active spot for HMG goodness is on the Backyard Aquaponics forum thread.


Howling Moose Gardens is a go!

Thanks for the name help, all.
I've spoken to all sorts of people, and have decided that fun and easy to remember trumps respectable. So I'll stay with Howling Moose Gardens.

Speaking of which, I'm 99% sure I've found my starting greenhouse.

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I went to visit S.C.O.R.E., which is a small business counseling place. They loved the idea of my aquaponics business, but they HATED the potential name, Howling Moose Gardens. They think it sounds like a snowshoe making business. =) They recommended I change it.

There is a strong argument for names that are accurate descriptions of their business, or close to. Frex, Growing Power (main site down?) is a great name, but on the other hand Amazon has nothing to do with books, Nike has nothing to do with shoes, and Electric Fetus has nothing to do with music.

So, should I keep my fun and edgy (heh) name, or switch it to something more on-the-nose? Technically, switching won't be hard. I haven't filed any paperwork, just made a twitter account and webpage.

S.C.O.R.E tends to be pretty traditional, and my customer will tend to be folks who attend farmers markets, and shop at food co-ops, so probably younger and more hip than your average Minnesotan (oh, that statement's not going to get me in trouble!)

ETA I guess you can only take the poll if you're signed in to LJ. I'm sorry. I thought the Poll Maker said it was open, but maybe that just means open to all LJ users. Pshaw! Let me know in comments if you'd like me to throw something up on polldaddy.

ETA 2 I won't start by selling aquaponics supplies. That may come later.

Poll #1706186 What should I name my Aquaponics business? Should it be fun, or accurate?

What should I name m aquaponics business?

Howling Moose (currently)
Swanberg Aquaponics
Northern State Aquaponics
North Urban (or Urban North) Aquaponics
Northern Tier Aquaponics
Fruit and Fins
Urban Fish and Fruit
Fruits of the City
Fish of the City (may be taken)
Seward (Longfellow, Nokomis etc) Fish and Fruit
Green Winter aquaponics (or gardens)
But why is the rum gone?
Something else I'll say in comments

Bye bye computers, here I come, fish!

I just gave notice at my day job. I'll be leaving the UMN on January 14. The long lead-out is due to on-call and holiday coverage.

Howling Moose, here I come!

Hawai'i - Biogas and Kona

Biogas classroom. David House is almost certainly punning. From Hawaii AP training trip

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I would like to start today's entry with a "you can't make this sh!t up" moment:

One of my shirts is now nicely stained (luckily, in a fairly hidden place) because Steve the Mongoose threw up on me. Yesterday. The laundromat was unable to remove the stain. But that's ok. Now every time I see it, I'll remember, when you play with the 'goose, you take what comes at you! (I'm vastly amused, and not at all annoyed. This is a first. He's pissed and pooped on people before, but I'm the first to rate 'goose projectile vomit! [Before you get all grossed out, remember I'm here in Hawai'i learning about a system based on fish poo...]).

A few minutes before the "event." From Hawaii AP training trip

More pics and stuff!Collapse )

More Hawai'i pics

This is Steve, the mongoose:

From Hawaii AP training trip

More pics from yesterday are up, but most are working detail, like how to harvest fish. Not interesting to the average person, I'd expect.

They start here, with Rose, the hyper-competant 5 yr old.

Hawai'i - Tuesday

We're starting out on the farm today, instead of the classroom, so I won't be on-line. Photos from yesterday start at http://bit.ly/bi1GEx

I hope to post more about yesterday later.

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